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Welcome to the Hatteras Harbor Marina Fishing Report.
Our fishing reports appear just below these photos. Be sure to visit this page daily for current fishing reports and photos. Thank you and good fishing!


Tuna and Dolphin


Red Drum

Lots of Tuna Salad there!

40lb Dolph

40lb Dolphin

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Hatteras Harbor Fishing Report

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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Inshore anglers enjoyed a beautiful day along the beach catching limits of Spanish Mackerel and a few small Cobia wee released. Back in the sound Speckled trout were caught.

Offshore anglers also had a beautiful day, they had catches of Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo and some bottom fish; Trigger fish, Tilefish and Grouper. Bite Me released a Blue Marlin and Predator released a White Marlin.


Good Times: Stephen Thomas of Chester, VA caught a 20lb Grouper and a 10lb Gray Tilefish, Robert Lawrence of Chesapeake, VA caught a 11lb Gray Tilefish

Bite Me: Adam Casta of middle River, MD released a Blue Marlin

Predator: John Kessler of Pinnacle, NC released a White Marlin, Vernon Sheets of Germanton, NC caught a 25lb grouper

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Inshore anglers had a great morning catching and releasing Red Drum and fighting to keep their catch from the Sharks. This afternoon they returned with good catches of Spanish Mackerel and Speckled Trout. Inshore trips are great for family outings or just kicking around with your friends! It was another scrappy day of fishing offshore. The Dolphin bite was slower for some and good for others. Some Blackfin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna were caught as well as a couple of Wahoo. Bottom fishing was good with Triggerfish and Vermillion Snapper being caught. We currently need 4-5 people for a Make up charter for Monday. Make up charters go offshore for a full day of fishing. 


Ryan Wagner of Jamesville, NC: 43" Red Drum release on Tradition.

Mitchell Houston of Grifton, NC: 41" Red Drum release on Tradition.

Tom Liverette of Linden, VA: 56 lb. Dolphin on Bite Me.

Derek Swanson of Wellington, CO: 6 lb. Triggerfish and 52 lb. Wahoo on Sea Creature.


Friday, June 02, 2017

Inshore anglers had a busy day with spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. A few Gray Trout and Red Drum were thrown into the mix this morning. Tuna Duck released one White Marlin offshore. Dolphin fishing slowed way down today and only a few made it into the fish box. A few Yellowfin Tuna were caught as well. Not all days produce a good bite - but just being out on the water is better than nothing at all! 


Katie Hartge of West River, MD: White Marlin release on Tuna Duck.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Today began with overcast skies which cleared off about noon and provided anglers with a beautiful day to be on the water. The Red Drum bite was good again this morning and afternoon in the Pamlico Sound. Cobia fishing was on today! One boat fished near shore this afternoon and their catch consisted of Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. One offshore boat went wreck fishing and returned with a real nice catch of Black Sea Bass and Triggerfish. Offshore anglers continue to catch gaffer and bailer size Dolphin, along with some good sized Wahoo and a few Blackfin Tuna. Bottom fishing was good. Bite Me released a Blue Marlin and Predator released a Sailfish.


Matthew Ford of Tellico Plains, TN: 43" red Drum release on Fingeance.

Benjamin Parker of Boulder, CO: Sailfish release on Predator.

Breanna Peterson of Iron Station, NC: Blue Marlin release on Bite Me.

David Tarullo of Louisville, KY: 55lb. Cobia on Tradition.

Eric Griffith of Eckridge, MD: 58 lb. Cobia on Adventure.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It has been an overcast day in Hatteras, however the rain held off for family and friends to enjoy some good fishing.Inshore anglers were kept busy all day with limits of Spanish Mackerel, large Drum releases, keeper Puppy Drum, and some nice, big Cobia. Fishing was scrappy offshore today. One Blue Marlin was released by Good Times. Both gaffer and bailer Dolphin were caught. Triggerfish were caught above the wrecks.


Joshua Davis of Harriman, TN: 46" Red Drum release on Tradition.

Lukas Walls of Oliver Springs, TN: 47" Red Drum release on Sound Bound.

Travis Walls of Oliver Springs, TN: 45" Red Drum release on Sound Bound.

Andrew Walls of Oliver Springs, TN: 2 45" Red Drum releases on Sound Bound.

Keith Youler of Brownsville, PA: 59 lb. Cobia on Fingeance.

Nice Hubert of Jersey Shore, PA: 110" Blue Marlin release on Good Times.

Brick Sharum of Manteo, NC: 50" Red Drum release on Sound Bound.

Weston Smith of Manteo, NC: 50" Red Drum release on Sound Bound.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hot weather moved in today with temps in the 80's. Morning started out with squalls that moved off and left a bit of overcast to the day. Boats were catching fair Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna, Grouper and Triggerfish. Hatteras Fever released a Blue Marlin. Inshore boats were catching Speckled Trout, Red Drum and Cobia.


Adventure: Jackson Revere of Frisco, NC caught a 65lb Cobia which is pretty impressive for an 80lb boy!.

Hatteras Fever: Dwayne Parrish of Chesapeake, VA released a Blue Marlin. 

Good Times: Gary Bahrke of Trout Run, PA caught a 59lb Grouper.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Offshore and Inshore boats fished on this windy but bright and sunny Memorial Day! Offshore boats caught good Blackfin Tuna and both Gaffer and Bailer Dolphin. A few Wahoo were also caught along with good Bottom fishing for Grouper, Triggers and Tilefish. Bite Me released a Blue Marlin. Inshore boats were catching slot size Puppy Drum. A few Spanish and Bluefish. Lots of Cobia were seen with only a few hooking up.


Carolina Girl: Jesse Williams of Taylors, SC caught a 41lb Grouper.

Good Times: Derek Stone of Sterling, VA caught a 38lb Grouper.

Bite Me: Dale Shenk of Willow Street, PA released a Blue Marlin.

Release: Ralph McBride of Clemmans, NC caught a 50lb Grouper.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lots of boats out fishing on this busy holiday weekend. Visitors are certainly here on the island to enjoy the great beaches and even better fishing. Offshore boats were seeing good Gaffer Dolphin and Blackfin Tuna as well as a few Skipjack Tuna and Wahoo. Grouper and Tilefish were being caught bottom fishing.  Bite Me released a Sailfish. Inshore boats were catching Cobia, Spanish Mackerel fishing was a little slower as well as Bluefish.


Good Times: Steven Koon of Gastonia, NC caught a 10lb Tilefish. Earl Bragg of Cherryville, NC caught a 44lb Grouper.

Bite Me: Ashton Slagle of Buxton, NC released a Sailfish.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Our offshore fleet finally got out on this beautiful beginning to the Memorial Day weekend! Dolphin fishing was good today. Some Blackfin Tuna and bottom fish were caught. One Blue Marlin and two Sailfish were released. It sure was good to see the smiles of all the anglers who spent the day fishing the beautiful waters of the Gulf Stream. Fishing was slow this morning for inshore anglers. A Cobia was caught along with baby Speckled Trout. This afternoon anglers had a great time catching Cobia and Red Drum. We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!


Patricia Spollen of Alexandria, VA: Blue Marlin release on Release.

Michael Hodgson of Rosedale, MD: Sailfish release on Release.

Luke Moeller of Annapolis, MD: 48 lb. Cobia on Adventure.

Robert Moeller of Lusby, MD: 47" Red Drum release on Adventure.

John Kusmira of Hayes, VA: Sailfish release on Predator.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another blow day. No one fished offshore due to big seas and gusty southwest winds. The wind has finally died down and the boats are getting ready to fish tomorrow. A few inshore boats fished this afternoon. They enjoyed good Drum fishing and they also gathered limits of clams. Let's hope that the weather cooperates and anglers can get out to fish!

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